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Why do my eyes get red in the sun?

I noticed that my eyes get red when i stay in the sun. Why? can sunlight make my eyes red?
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  • b3autifulxlies


    The strong rays and ultraviolet will surely damage your eyes if you stare the sun for a long time. From the effect of ultraviolet, the phosphor ions may combine with the calcium ions of aging crystalline lenses to form the insoluble calcium phosphate. However, if the vision is not affected by the sun, it may be the representation of conjunctivitis. Other disease may cause the appearance of this symptom. They are iritis, glaucoma, keratohelocosis or inflammation of inner eyes. Please check it carefully with doctor.
  • Neil


    There are the uv rays and infrared lights in the sun which will cause the damage to your eyes. At the same time, your eyes may feel sensitive under the sun which will make your eyes feel not that comfortable. The main symptom is redness. You could use some eyes drops to release the symptom. You could also use the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable.
  • Brandon


    Eyes would possibly turn red for long time exposure to the strong sunshine. It is a habit for people to protect their skin from sunshine with sunscreen yet what do you do to protect your eyes? Sunrays would darken or even burn the skin, while it could do the similar damages to the eyes. The strong UV rays of sunlight would burn the surface tissue of eyes and even cause damages to the lenses and corneas. Red eyes refers to capillaries broken and hemorrhage in eyes. We know that these small blood vessels are vital and delicate that they can be broken easily. Some simple actions would cause it, for example crying, vomitting and coughing. Long time exposure to UV radiation can cause it too. I suggest you to wear sunglasses to protect from damages from UV radiation. According to reliable resources, long term exposure to UV radiation might speed up the growth of cataract and people who lives in a region with strong sunshine are at a higher risk of developing cataract. Some good sunglasses can provide 100% protection from UV rays.