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Does castor oil work for chalazion?

I suffered from chalazion. Can i use castor oil to help it? Any idea?
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  • Dip


    Castor oil is a purgative extracted from the seed of the castor plant; used in paint and varnish as well as medically. The castor oil has the characters of stabilization, lubricity, wettability which would be provided in industry. The biological nature of laxation, defaecation, scald curing would be applied in the medical care. However, it must be avoid contact with skin and eyes, because it contains some toxin. The direct eating of castor will lead to poisoning even death. As for the treatment of chalazion, we could use the medicine combined with hot compress. Eye drops and ointment will be enough to treat the one which below 4mm's diameter one. If the situation is serious, the surgery will be the best way to cure, or even lead to scar after the self-healing.
  • Kevin


    You could use the castor oil to help your chalazion because of its function of lubricating the intestines. Chalazion is the meibomian gland idiopathic chronic granulomatous inflammation. The aseptic package it by fibrous tissue sac contain meibomian gland secretions and infiltrating of chronic inflammatory cells. It is often for meibomian gland and its surrounding tissue inflammation after obstruction which is caused by chronic granulomatous gonads of the gland body. It can increase chalazion onset eyelid edema, swelling and irritation. In addition, hordeolum may not easy to have a difference. A few days later the symptoms subside. The eyelid only leaves a painless, slowly growing, round mass, the surface of the skin which can relax and so on. The briquette can appear on the eyelid. When mass happens within the next eyelid, it should eliminate chronic dacryocystitis. You should use the castor oil to moisture the eyes and make the eyes get clear at the vision. At the same time, you should have the good rest and good diet for the eyes.