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Are anti scratch lens supposed to be thicker than regular lens?

My left lens was very scratched and I replaced it with the anti-scratch lens.My right lens is still fine.But I found the left lens is much thicker than the right one,I think it is just a coating and should not be that thick.
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  • Sara scott


    No, the anti scratch coat doesn't affect the thickness, it is the refractive index that affect the thickness. You'd better take them back to the store where you have replaced the lenses and check your left lens and right lens. I guess the lense they change for your left eye is not with the exact index as your right lens, instead they just replace it with the regular lens with anti-scatch coating on them.
  • carolynx66


    The anti-scratch coating won't make your lens much thicker. It may be because they have replaced your left lens with wrong prescription lens which are stronger than your original one. You should take your glasses back to the store and let them recheck it for you.
  • Mackenzie rose


    If the left lens is much thicker than the right,I think there may be something wrong in "refractive index" or "material" for the lens.You can go back to the store and have a check.