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Is there any eye drop that can brighten the white part of my eye?

If there is,would it have side effect to my eyes?
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  • Alexa


    There are other ways to make your eye whites brighter. 1. Drop two or three over-the-counter eyedrops into your eyes to take the red out. Most of the over-the-counter eyedrops are designed to restrict the blood vessels when your eyes are stressed and overtired. 2. Apply your makeup foundation as normal and after you're finished, apply a light dab of foundation one shade lighter than your skin tone and blend it gently beneath your eyes. You don't want to go too light, as this will draw unwanted attention to your eyes. 3. Use navy blue mascara and eyeliner instead of brown or black to draw out your eyes and make them shine. 4. Add a thin line of white eyeliner just under your regular eyeliner. This will accentuate your eyes, making them appear bigger and brighter. 5. Refresh your eyes after a long day or in the morning before applying your makeup by resting two cold spoons over your closed eyes for five minutes. 6. Reduce toxins in your body by cutting out things like caffeine and alcohol. Excess toxins can leave your eyes looking tired and red. Source:
  • Jason lester


    You can use the eye drop which contain vascular constrictor to make your eye whites brighter. The vascular constrictor will make the white part of your eye white by constricting all of the blood vessels in your eyes. You can get these eye drops from most pharmacies. But I think you should talk to your optometrist first because it may cause very little side effect with prolonged use.