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Can I get the Anti-scratch coating after my glasses are cut?

I don't want my glasses to get scratched easily and I am thinking of getting an Anti-scratch coating.But is it possible to get the Anti-scratch coating as my glasses are already cut?
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  • christian


    No, it is not possible to get the anti-scratch coating as your glasses are already cut, for lenses are manufactured with anti-scratch coating. You should choose lenses with anti-scratch coating at first when selecting lenses. The bese way for you is to change fr another new pair of glasses with lenses of anti-scratch coating.
  • Elijah walker


    Some optical stores are unwilling to add the anti-scratch coating to your lenses if it has already been cut. While there are still opticians that are willing to do it for you. But it may be costly. If you do want to add the anti-scratch coating to your glasses lens, you can shop around to see which store can help you.