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How to make almond shaped eyes stand out?

I have a pair of almond shaped eyes. Do you have any idea to make it stand out?
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  • Kevin


    I think almond shaped eyes are very pretty and cute themselves. However, make up with mascara cream of eyelash will also increase the charming of your eyes. If you want to make it stand out, there is a method would recommend to you, the colorful eyes contacts would be used to make it attractive. If you want your eyes own glaze bright, there is a magic code tell to you, you could keep some gold fishes to exercise your eyes expression. The more lovely creatures you watching with your eyes, the more beautiful the eyes expression are!
  • clozco


    As you have a pair of almond shaped eyes, what you can do is to use make up tricks to make them stand out. You can use black or brown eyeliner, making the line thicker on eyelids. Then you can use an light and soft eyecolor to enhance and highlight shadow like, in this way, it will defines your almond shaped eyes, meanwhile make your eyes stand out and looks bigger. Remember not to use any dark and vibrant eye colors, they will make your eyes look smaller. What's more, another way to make your almond shaped eyes stand out is to choose a pair of glasses. Fortunately, it seems that almost all kinds of glasses frames flatter almond eyes. Therefore, you can choose the right color frames to match your skin tone. As for frame shapes, you can try big round frames that can really makes you eye catching. Besides, big round frames will not block your eye vision, meanwhile they enhance your eye beauty. Therefore, to make your almond shaped eyes stand out, you can try makeup tricks or try big round glasses frames.

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