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Why is my eye twitching so much?

My eyes are twitching for nearly two weeks. What caused the twitching eyes? How to stop it?
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  • emptyheading


    Eye twitching can be a sign of stress. We know that we are all under stress every day. If you are too tired, lack of sleep, your body will react in different ways. Eye twitching is just one of the reactions. You can catch up on your sleep to solve this problem. Other ways to reduce the cause of the stress can also help make eye twitching stop.
  • creatingme


    Maybe your eyes are working too hard, which will trigger eye twitching. Maybe you may need a pair of glasses or to change your glasses. You can have an eye exam first to check whether you need to correct your vision or not. If your eye twitching is caused by overuse of computers and smartphones, you should consider a pair of computer glasses or stopping use them for too long. But if your eye twitching is persistent and very annoying, I suggest you to talk to your eye doctor about this.