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How much is it for prescription colored contacts?

I want to buy a pair of colored contacts. I am wondering what I can do. Can I just talk to my eye doctor to have a prescription for colored contacts? How much extra would it cost to get the prescription colored contacts?
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  • Robert Johnson


    I think you should call your optometrist or optician who is a certified contact lens fitter to check your eyesight. You can schedule a "contact lens fitting". in the fitting process, the eye care practitioner will give you a trial pair of contacts and then determine if that trial pair is safe to wear and is a suitable fit. After this, you can get a prescription with your prescription parameters. I think the cost of the contacts may depend on which kind of contacts you want to buy. The prices vary according to different brands and qualities.
  • neva taylor


    I think you can call our eye doctor and let him know what you want. They may require you to have another fitting. You should tell them that you want to buy a pair of colored contacts. Usually colored contacts will cost a bit more than regular contacts. But it also depends on your vision. The stronger the contacts are the more they will cost. If you have astigmatism, it will cost more as well. Once, I got my dark green contacts for $84 dollars for each eye. But the common colored contacts are around $45 dollars.

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