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Cathy Dailey


Can computers make your vision worse?

Can computer really bad for eyes? But today, computer are so important for our work and life. How can i protect eyes when using computer?
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  • Andrew bell


    From the aspects of medicine, there are two reasons which will hurt the eyes from the computer use. The first one is eyes fatigue, no matter we watching the screen of computer or TV, they will all lead to the fatigue of eyes. Then the ciliaris sustained contracts and finally the myopia has been appeared. Secondly, the blue ray of computer will stimulate the cells of fundus retina. This kind of stimulation itself ill leads to the apoptosis of vision cells and then leads to the falling of vision. The stimulation will also lead the eyes fatigue and strain, so we need to take action of the two ways to protect the eyes. One is schedule relax your eyes and avoid the long times use. The other is to protect the eyes from the stimulation of blue rays to cut down the hurting chance of your visual cells.
  • cajunbel29


    Yes, computers are really bad for your eyes although they are important to our daily modern life. The radiation from the computer will affect your vision and is bad for your health. You could use to wear the computer goggles to protect the eyes which will make your eyes prevent from the radiation. There are a lot of computer goggles in the market which you could choose from.