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Gloria Steinem talks to Stephanie Sy

Stephanie Sy: You switched 80 this year. The New York Times had an image of you for this headline "goods on the market 80 Looks Like, That headline has pretty much followed you every decade the past three decades. regarding your 70th birthday you said, "This one has the ring of death, So is 80 frightening?

Gloria Steinem: without, It is in many of ways. For me 50 meant the end of the midst of life, Which for women has more significance since we have been wrongly valued only for childbearing. So 50 was very hard. Sixty was great because that was like entering a new, Free country where you didn't have all these feminine needs. And 70 was incredible too. But 80 unquestionably about mortality, Because every day I see in the classifieds people, every once in awhile people I know, will likely died before 80. then, I plan to live to 100. But regardless if I do, that's exactly only 20 years. If I think of something that happened 20 years ago it seems like yesterday.

When I talk to women about you they think of you as someone who is unapologetic about her views, But also glamorous and purchasable. Is that how you call at your legacy, As making feminism less intimidating in a way?

with regards to not, Because I wish it to be threatening. There's a lot that deserves intimidating. We come to this with regardless of, the person who we are, most effective? I just hope that whatever it is I am is useful to the larger, Huge movement how the is. But I also think experts a funny view of _Feminism_ as these kind of secretly think, If you could get a man you wouldn't need equal pay. Do guess what happens I mean? So here's how I found that. I became enchanting when I became a feminist. Up to then I was an attractive girl. I was not incredible. But balanced with what people thought a feminist looked like I suddenly became better looking. I realized that there was something biased here.

You said before that the feminist wave would take about a hundred years. By that estimation, We're about at the nearly mark. you can use clear gains, minimum here in this country. Women make up about half the employed pool. Women tend to earn more college and exceptional degrees. They're progressively the breadwinners. do you think feminists are still needed?

regarding, There are more women on campus than there are men by a bit more right now. do you understand why? It's because women are waiting to hear about out of the pink collar ghetto into the white collar ghetto. A blue collar union job for a man still pays more than a single one.

what is a pink collared ghetto?

something job, Waitressing, medical care, They're kind skin color jobs that we can't outsource, Because they involve personal service. Those can be very, truly, Very disproportionately female. in addition,as well as, Now her situation is worse than in my day as you'll, Because she's apt to graduate in big debt. And she will certainly make 1 or 2 million dollars less over her lifetime to pay the debt. I'm not trying to be frustrating. I'm just wanting to say, "This is true to life, We never know it have equal pay.

have sufficient men adjusted to the realities of the women's movement, Or has it led to men feeling displaced and unclear about their role in society today?

I don't want to share with you men as a lump, Just as i don't want to speak about women as a lump. Some men have completely comprehended that it's their liberation too. That the masculine role is ridiculous similar to the feminine role is ridiculous and dehumanizing and keeps you from expressing all your human qualities. They are feminists for their own sake as well as for women's sake. claim, "stay a minute, I interested in my kids. I want policies at work that let everybody be parents, Men and likewise women. I wish to have an equal relationship and a partnership, a person understand, With a female or a male hero. But i don't want to be lonely. I don't need to be isolated,

there were a baseball player recently, A guy approved Daniel Murphy, Whose wife had a child, And he decided to take a few days off so that he could be on paternity leave. He faced a big backlash among other sportsmen. Is it at the stage where men sort of need a liberation movement too?

wl, They always needed a liberation. after all, It's racially same. I came back from India when I was 24 as well, and furthermore, as I'd been living in India I suddenly realized how segregated this country was, Just successfully. And I got mad on my own behalf. Who's telling me who my girlfriends are and where I can live, And I think when men get mad for him or her and say, you're confident you know, "But I want to be there when my child is born. It's an irreplaceable moment,

It seems that some women feel suffocated by the balance of choices they have now, What Anne jessica Slaughter calls "Unresolvable tensions between as well as friends career, Was this an unintended consequence of feminism?

hardly any, It's an intended consequence of anti feminism. Because the aim of feminism is humanity. What signifies is that men can, Should and must really become parents who spend as long with kids as women do. And that question presupposes that that's not possible.

Does it also presuppose that we're just not there yet? That there aren't enough men who are willing to take on those requirements at home?

without a doubt, We undoubtedly are in a state of flux. But more of us say, "I'm not going to have youngsters with someone who doesn't love them enough to be with them. And I'm not going to take a job that doesn't have a decent parental leave for both men and women, come on, man, Right now we in this country work a more obsessive workweek than any country you can buy. We formerly were defeated by Japan; Now we're more pronounced than Japan. we should rebel. People deserve to have a life.

a person worked in Africa. i know you've done some work in Afghanistan. How do you cater the material of women's liberation in places like that?

I take note. the ladies are doing it. it's not up to me, because they're experiencing it there. It's up to us compliment each other. And to see that we all experience it in different ways. with regard to example, Domestic violence here is huge. I believe it's bigger than in any modern democracy in any hemisphere. If you added up all the women who've been murdered by their husbands or boyfriends since 9/11 as a period of time, And then you add up all the us citizens killed in 9/11, Afghanistan and irak, Many more women have been murdered by their husbands and boyfriends than that figure.

physical violence against women is cross cultural, And it is at shocking levels worldwide. Adults worldwide have purposely strangled or aborted 160 million infant girls or female fetuses because they wanted a boy. Girls inside the were sold into sexual slavery. Why is assault against women cross cultural? If you're saying it does not possess a biological root, Why does it look like everywhere?

certainly, primarily it's not absolutely everywhere. come on, man, often times there are matrilineal cultures that we can see, And we are appearing out of it in various ways. But patriarchy is a politics system just like colonialism was a politics system. That was everywhere you look too. racial discrimination, setting up, fully grasp, The justification for the colonization of Africa and North and south usa and so on was profound racism. that people could not adapt to the future. You were almost doing them a favor to shed them.

I'm distinct religion and spirituality when I say that. But how it happened historically seems to be that the original spiritual systems in which God was seen as all living things gradually changed so God was withdrawn from nature to make it OK to conquer nature. And withdrawn from women prospects OK to conquer women.

to put it differently, God became used as the right way to control?

to tell the truth, God looked suspiciously cherish the ruling class.

And also happened to always be depicted as a man.

yes indeed, That's what i'm saying. after all, Jesus with blond hair and blue eyes having the Middle East? satisfy.

Didn't speak out loud? And yet there are billions of people which are religious. I want to discuss Pope Francis, Because you and he actually have a couple of issues in common: immigration reform, real trafficking, low income. are you experiencing any hope that women will be less marginalized in the church and beyond under Pope Francis?

I want for _a href= Latina women_/a_ women whatever they want for their own end. Some women want to enter in the church and reform it, Some women want to leave the church. We all have to figure out what is right for us and the beloved. But when the pope sees to it that the Catholic Church pays taxes everywhere right now they have parking lots that possibly they are not paying taxes on. They're impoverishing the cities and countries they're in by not paying taxes. The events are not equal. the ladies can't become priests. Women are denied reproductive : freedom, Which happens to be the single most important determinant of whether we're healthy or not, literate or not, In the personnel or not, And the length of time we live. He's still not accepting that.

It's been more 40 years since Roe v. sort. Abortion rights remain fought over. And in the middle 2011 and 2013, More than 200 laws reducing abortion at the. What is driving the latest push toward anti abortion legislation?

The failure at the federal level to get a constitutional amendment against abortion or to really curb abortion has caused the anti abortion forces to focus on state legislatures that are controlled by careful forces. regarding murdering abortion doctors, which they did eight or nine times, And picketing and stuff like that, automobile trying to do away with clinics by getting the state legislatures to impose impossible restrictions and building requirements. they offer long ago lost public opinion and actual real life. One in three u s of a's women chooses, requests, To have an abortion once or twice in her life. now you ask: Will she be secure or not.
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