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Benjamin gary


How can i clean my contact lenses without solution?

I run out of my solution that is used for contact lenses. Here comes a problem. How can i clean my contact lenses without the solution?
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  • Werner


    In general, the contact lenses are cleaned by the cleaning solution. Sometimes you would run out of solution or forget to bring solution in hand. But you have to clean the contact lenses to not harm your eyes. Therefore, you can clean them without solution to reduce or eliminate the risk. Firstly, please wash your hands with warm soapy water for 30 seconds and rinse them. Then, you take out your contact lenses and put them in the case if you have them, or use your hands to hold them. Next, you should pour water in hand and rub the contact lenses around in the water. In the following, you can use saline solution instead of cleaning solution to clean them. Last but not least, you use some eye drops to wash the contact lenses to eliminate bacteria.
  • walkercounty


    If you cannot get solution to clear your contact lenses in case, you can make them yourself. You must remember to get rid of contamination. Firstly, you should prepare following things: distilled water, salt, sterile container. Then you can make your own solution. Mix the salt into the water at aim of 9 grams salt per liter water. It is done. It is so easy, right? This way is just suitable for emergency, because the risk of get infection is too high.
  • b0rkb0rkb0rk


    Here are way that may help you clean your contact lenses temporarily when you run out of your solution. First, you shall clean your hands first then take out of your contact lenses from eyes. Then, pour some water into your hands and rub your contact in the water first.( it will be better if you use purified water, or bottled water) Then, you can further clean your contact lenses if you have saline solution. Use the saline solution in the same way as you use solution.
  • campbell


    You can take common salt solution for your contact lenses. You can do that yourself by mixing water and salt (mix 1 teaspoon salt with no additives to half a liter of water and bring that to boil respectively boiling off it) or you buy it at the pharmacy. But keep in mind: This saline solution has no cleansing effect. So, in any case, you have to clean your lenses again in the morning with the correct cleaning solution. If possible, you can also let the lenses in the solution, go home and then clean it again properly.