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What will hanppen if i wear others' contacts?

I broke my prescription eyeglasses and feel everything blurry. So, Can i wear the contact lenses of my young sister? My prescription is almost the same with her. Is it Ok?
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  • James


    Absolutely not, if your sister's contacts have already been used for a while! The ones already used have attached various impurities and protein as well as bacteria, which may cause cross-infection. For the sake of your eye health, you’d better not to wear others'. But if the contacts are intact with sealed package, and you can make sure it has not reached its expiration date, your sister has the same prescription with you, and then you may try it.
  • Alexia gerard


    I strongly recommend you not to do it if you don't want to destroy your eyes. Or you will be very regretful to wear your sister's contact lenses. It is really risky. Of course, if your sisters' contact lenses are unopened and never be worn, and you have the same prescription as her, you may be safe to wear her contact lenses. Or give up your sister's contacts.
  • Rebecca


    Contact lenses are one of the safest medical device when you wear responsibly. While contact lens use is safe, not caring for contact lenses properly or failing to follow contact lens safety rules can lead to serious problems.So even though your prescription is almost the same with your sister's, you still can not use it. Because no matter how careful you are, germs are on our hands, eyelids, everywhere. When germs such as bacteria and fungi are on the contact lens, they can invade the eye
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