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Are anti glare glasses really worth money?

I saw there are anti glare glasses. They are more expensive than regular glasses. Does it work? Are they really worth the price?
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  • Riley eddy


    anti glare glasses are especially helpful to reduce glare and strain of the eyes. for people who offer use computer of see laptop screen, glasses with anti glare coating work to relieve eye strain, dry eyes. At present, many of us spend much time using computer or working with computer and then we are likely to get eye strain. Therefore, wearing anti glare glasses is a good way to deal with eye strain. For the sake of your eye health, I think anti glare lasses are worth your money. Have a try and good luck.


    Yes, it has to be admitted that anti glare glasses deserve higher price due to its unique optical coating which is applied to the surface of lenses to reduce reflection. Therefore, they are able to minimize the reflection of the glare caused by the light striking the back of the lenses. Undoubtedly, present us usually sit in front of computers or TV for a long time everyday so that staring at the screen in much less lighting conditions are the causes of various eyesight problems, particularly eye strain. Also, this sort of spectacles is ideal choice for outdoor activities, travelling or working near the water areas.
  • Henrry


    The anti-reflective coating is mostly a benefit for people on the outside of your glasses "looking in" as opposed to you "looking out". It reduces the reflections they see so your eyes show up better.I think anti-glare coating is worth it. I have it on my current glasses