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Shelby rodney


Can too much caffeine cause puffy eyes?

I got puffy eyes now after a period of hard work. My colleague said that it may be caused by caffeine since i often drink it. Is that true?
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  • James taylor


    Yes, it would. The puffy eyes mean there are some small bag-shape objects under your eyes in the morning that occur fluids pool in the eye area during the night. It can be caused by various reasons. The drink would be a major factor because it increases the risk of water retention, especially the caffeinated drinks. Due to caffeine works as a diuretic that can interfere with people's excretion system. Therefore, it can retain excess water in people's body in a short period to cause the puffy eyes.
  • walker626


    There are lots of reasons of puffy eyes. Buy caffeine are not the reason for puffy eyes directly. As we know, that taking too much caffeine, especially at night before bed, can make you difficult to fall asleep. And the lacking of sleep are likely result of puffy eyes. Besides, sleeping flat on your back, allergies, and fluid retention are also the reasons for puffy eyes.
  • Arianna


    As far as I know, caffeine wouldn't cause puffy eyes, but on the contrary, can even eliminate edema, because it has the effect of diuresis, The reason that caused your puffy eyes, as you have mentioned, could probably be that you've been doing hard work for a period. Although you are accustomed to drinking coffee, the puffy eyes caused by the tiredness still couldn't be removed, and what is worse, caffeine as a kind of stimulant, can't help you to recover from fatigue. So in order to have a good rest in the coming days, drink less coffee and try to feel relaxed.