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What types of sunglasses are good for guys with baby face?

I am born with a baby face. I want to have a better look with sunglasses. So, what type of sunglasses will compliment me?
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  • carpediem__


    Since you have a baby face, sunglasses that can make you look cooler will be great! aviator sunglasses are top eyewear choice for almost every man because aviators are cool and always in style in the fashion world. As for you, you can choose oversized aviator sunglasses that can make you have a funky look and make your baby face look smaller as well. Have a great time rocking cool aviator sunglasses.
  • Luis williams


    You said you have a baby face. I guess you want to look more mature. I recommend you the pilot sunglasses. This kind of glasses is often with a metal frame which can make you look steady and reliable. Because this kind of sunglasses is originally designed for pilots only, they represent sufficiently the temperament of pilots. Pilot sunglasses are also very popular in the world. You cannot feel awkward by wearing them. It is a good choice for people with baby face.
  • Dazza


    To be honest, I am with baby face, too, which bothers me for so many years. Just like you, I was puzzled with how to choose glasses or shades to shape me face and make it look better. Actually, I got some advice from friends and fashion designers, they recommended me to try some bigger frames, and oversized type is a good buy, which I have worn for 2 years and I love different frames with oversized lenses, cool and suitable for my baby face indeed. You can take a shot, good luck!

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