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Border variations in easing lockdown

Nicola Sturgeon has backed the 'stay at home' message but lockdown restrictions are now easing in Scotlandfour phase route map. Boris Johnson has his three step road map. Boris Johnson has his three step guide.

They both lead to the same location a return to normality over time of unprecedented upheaval to people's lives and the nation's economy.

But what are right after between their two plans?

The Scottish First Minister had generally plotted a slightly slower and she would argue safer course.

The pm, Perhaps mindful that it will be him that has ultimate responsibility to help with a recession, is more impatient.

using some areas, the differences are deep and pronounced. in others, London and Edinburgh have set out unexpectedly similar proposals.

But when dealing with reopening schools, Plans have diverged perhaps more than in any other area.

'part time' for an imprecise period, Potentially spending as little as two days a week in classes and other time learning at home. it's possible that, Pupils will be 'part time' for an indefinite period, Potentially spending as little as two days a week _a href= ladies_/a_ in classes and other time learning at home. Mr Johnson's plan has provoked furious level of resistance from teaching unions, Who said he was reopening far too soon, And some schools and town halls are defying his training on safety grounds.

In Scotland where one large teaching union has far more influence over government policy than is the case in England teachers are largely on board with the timetable but are demanding more clarity over how the part time 'blended learning' system will work.

The choice is "A critical step on the path to rebuilding our economy, And will support thousands of jobs across the UK, Alok Sharma, The UK business admin, has stated.

All shops in Scotland may be able to reopen in 'phase two' of the process of easing restrictions. We don't know exactly when this is but the earliest likely date will be June 18. Scotland is to enter 'phase one' on the way map on May 28, And Ms Sturgeon has said she will review whether to proceed to a higher stage every three weeks.

There is a caveat in Scotland large shops will only be permitted to open if their sales area is no more than 800 square metres, Meaning some areas of the malls will have to be closed off.

anyhow, It is expected that people must be use click and collect services to buy goods in inaccessible areas.

It had initially been planned that large shops in Scotland would be closed for extended, Before SNP ministers agreed to compromise.
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