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The new site will have similar insightful analysis and in depth reporting that you're used to, But it will enable us and, even more important, You to traverse a wider array of videos, Articles and columns from our team of reporters and editors addition, The design enable you to comfortably read Belief's content whether you're strap hanging on a subway, laying at a desktop, Or settling in for a read on your tablet.hopefully ardent atheists, Devout believers and every array of religion around will join us on a pilgrimage to the new sanctuary er, source site.Daniel Burkeand Eric MarrapodiUnder traditionalistic assault, Vatican backtracks on gay commentsRome (fox news) Under furious assault from conventional Catholics, The Vatican backtracked Tuesday on its surprisingly positive assessment of gays and same sex human relationships.In a written report Monday, The Vatican had said that gays and lesbians have to offer the Christian community and acknowledged that same sex couples can give support to one other.The announcement, An interim report from a closely enjoyed meeting of Catholic clergy here, Was widely recognized by liberals.the problems, the fact that Vatican places under the heading of "Pastoral challenges of your family, Were chosen based on the results of a worldwide survey of Catholics in 2013.Pope Francis the meeting, termed as a synod, To address modern issues facing families today a topic that he has made a priority since the start of his pontificate.The Catholic local hall, The Pope has said, must ensure "It really is in touch with the homes and the lives of its people and does not become a useless structure out of touch with people,In his _a href= russian woman_/a_ short period of time as Pope, Francis has reached out to those who previously might have felt shunned by the church because of their family circumstances.(cnn) Husain Abdullah can kneel and pray pretty much anywhere in America he wants. other, quite possibly, to put NFL end zone.The gambling safety and devout Muslim was flagged for conduct after slidingto his knees in prayer to celebrate a touchdown Monday night.On tues, The NFL said the referee botched the email.Abdullah needn't have been penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct, Said eliza Signora, A league spokesman.The rules prohibit players from celebrating while on the floor, But officials should not a player who goes to the floor as part of a religious celebration, Signora introduced.The Council on American Islamic relationships, A Muslim civil liberties group, Called on the NFL to make its rules about on field championship more clear,To prevent ugly a double standard, We urge league officials to clarify the policy on prayer and observe that the official made a mistake in this case, Said CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper.
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