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What causes blocked tear ducts in adults?

Can you tell me what factors can lead to blocked tear ducts in adults? I just want to know.
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  • Catherine williams


    Blocked tear ducts cause excessive tearing and eye irritation because the tears cannot drain normally. Typically, the tears drain out of small holes in the corner of the eye, and then pass through tiny tubes into the nose to be eliminated. Blocked tear ducts in adults may be caused by thickening of the tear duct lining, injury to the bones that hold and protect the eyes, a severe sinus infection, an abnormal growth of tissue in the nose or tumors, excessive growth of nasal bones, tumors or other abnormal tissue growths that block tear drainage, infection or inflammation that causes swelling and redness of the eyelid and surrounding skin, etc. Blocked tear duct may cause eye infections, blurry vision, pain and bloody tears. So if you suffer from tear blocked duct,can use warm compresses and take antibiotics to relieve the infections. Many doctors recommend waiting up to six months before considering treatment while they monitor the situation to prevent complications.
  • Justin


    Blocked tear ducts in adults are indeed very disgusting, notoriously causing tears to accumulate in the eye. Causes of blocked tear ducts in adults vary a lot. You may develop blocked tear ducts as a consequence of the thickening of the tear duct lining in the eye and female adults over 40 years old can be afflicted with it. Furthermore, certain nasal problems are also sources of blocked tear ducts in adults, say, nasal polyps, abnormal nasal bones and deviated septum. If some adults suffer sinus problems they are very likely to be tortured by blocked tear ducts. Mind you that some consequent complications after cosmetic surgeries can plunge adults into the affliction of blocked tear ducts. Then are you now more familiarized with the latent causes of blocked tear ducts?
  • Lex


    The blocked tear ducts mean that the corneal of your eyes will have the sediments of something. Your eyes will be watery with no control. Usually the coming invisible bacterium will cause your blocked tear ducts. The eyes infection because of dryness could also cause this. You need to use the eyes drops with anti-inflammation to release this symptom.