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Nathan harris


Can meniere's disease cause vision problem?

Yesterday my uncle was diagnosed with meniere's disease. I know nothing about this kind of disease. Will it cause his vision problems?
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  • Karen


    It is so bad for your uncle to get meniere's disease which will bring a lot of healthy problems. Meniere's disease is also called ears dizziness or vertigo symptoms, for the inner ear of a kind of inflammatory lymph metabolism disorder disease. The main symptom of it is paroxysmal dizziness tinnitus deafness. From the aspect of scientific medicine, green kidney is the bone marrow and brain is regarded as medullary. The brain is the sea which is the essence of the gathering place. Once the kidney essence is in deficiency, your mind may be empty and dizzy. As we know, the eyes and ears nerves are interlinked. That is to say, when you have the problems at ears, you may have problems at eyes. Your uncles' vision problems will be affected because of meniere's disease. He should take great notice of it. He should keep the healthy diet and good rest to protect the eyes.
  • castro_jan


    Yes, meniere's disease can cause or worsen vision problem. When a patient has meniere's disease, he is likely to suffer from blurred vision and double vision, especially when he wear bifocal eyeglasses. What's worse, he will see more eye floaters than normal. He may also develop sensitivity to light as compensation for his decreased hearing capability.

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