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How long does it take for eye exercises to work ?

I have been doing eye exercise for years, but recently I begin to doubt that how long on earth will it take to have some real effects.
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    Since we are in school, we are told to do the eye exercises during the breaks. The eye exercises really work for our eyes, relieving the tiredness of our eyes. The right acupuncture at the eyes nerves will make our eyes relaxed. We have to point at the right position. If we keep doing this every day, we will have the good effect at the eyes unconsciously. Our eyes will get rest and relaxed after the exercise. You could feel that. After the eye exercise and you open your eyes, you may find that the vision you see is brighter. This is related with the acupuncture points. If you keep on doing this, your eyes vision will be improved after a month. This is really a good way to help your eyes be bright at the vision and make them relaxed after tiredness. You should learn how to do it.
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    Well, eye exercise can relieve eye strain and improve eyesight in case that your myopia is pseudomyopia. Pseudomyopia is the changing phase and shift from refraction of the eyes to myopia. It often occurs among kids and teenagers. When the prescription increases, it has turned into myopia.If you don't have a heavy prescription and you are still very young, your psedomyopia may be relieved by eye exercise. If not, you have no option but to wear corrective lens.

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