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Does anyone know how to take out ortho-k lenses?

I have a problem about taking out of my ortho-k lenses. Can anyone tell me how to take out of the lenses by myself?
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  • cnpriest


    You can use some eye drops that can help keep your eyes moist so as to help you take off the ortho-k lenses easily. Don't be afraid, Just follow the steps the eye doctor tell your when s/he prescribe contact lenses to you. To be safe, you can also ask help from an eye doctor who can help you take off the lenses rightly.
  • cherrygaru


    There are some general steps for taking out contact lenses. First of all, you should make sure of your clear hands and fingers. Then, put your thumb and index into the eyes and squeeze the contact lenses out. It is an easy step. However, at last you should wash the taking-out contact lenses with the lotion.

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