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Melissa duncan


Are aviator sunglasses suitable for everyone?

I saw many people including men and women wearing aviator sunglasses. I wonder whether aviator sunglasses suit for everyone? If so, I am gonna to have a pair?
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  • Kelsey McNew


    Yes, aviator sunglasses is widely spread and fit for many people. Although the aviator sunglasses are originally made for men, they are also available for women right now. And it can match for lots of people with different face shape. Of course, you shall wear properly to get a nice look. If you like it, just try on and make a decision yourself.
  • creationfest


    You know, every coin has two sides. Your can try them on at the aviator shop, if you like them and they look good on you, then you can get them!! As to your question, I think it's a tough question, because everyone has different face shape, hair style and bone structure. For example, if you have a long and small face, I think you needn't try the aviator sunglasses, because they will sit weird on your face, and not be flattering. However, when the aviators sit on some girls' face, they give them a "badass" or "cool" look. Nevertheless, there are different styles of aviators to choose from, so try to find out different tints and frames. I believe you can get your expected aviators at the shop. Classic ray bans are always in fashion.
  • warren


    Well, I can not say that aviator sunglasses are suitable for everyone. As we know that aviator sunglasses have been designed to protect the eye and therefore usually have a metal frame with lenses which are large, sometimes three times the size of the eye. And aviator sunglasses are often polarized sunglasses, which allow them to work even under the glaring sun. They offer a curved lens, which is one of the biggest differences between these and other sunglasses popular today. In other words, they make difference with other sunglasses. So maybe you can have a try.