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How much are prescription eyeglasses at costco?

If i buy prescription eyeglasses at costco, How much will it charge? Are they cheap or expensive?
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  • Julio G.


    It is hard to judge whether the price at costco is expensive or cheap because of the different type of glasses with different materials, designs and lenses. If you want to have the one with high quality, you may spend at least $150. If you just buy the common ones, the price is just cheap. However, you should wait for its discount activity which may let you save a lot of money.
  • chrissyonline


    The average price of the prescription eyeglasses at costo is about $60. However, the good type of prescription eyeglasses with good quality in lenses and frames will of course cost you much. There are some cheap ones and expensive ones at costco. You could just base on your needs and favors to choose one. Costco is such a good place to buy eyeglasses.

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