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Will i get retinal detachment, if i use the computer a lot every day?

My work requires me to use computer all the time. So, i spend most of my time on computer, Now, i feel eye pain, eye sore. Is that caused by long time using computer? Will i get retinal detachments if i continue use computer?
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  • Christina nelson


    Yes, it is possible to get retinal detachment if use computer a lot every day. But it is very rare. Anyway, Spending too much time on computer can cause other eye disorders such as eye pain, red eyes, dry eyes, tearing etc. So, you shall keep your eye heath while using computer. For example, you can take a break every hour, put a cacti on your desk and eat banana and so forth to help you fight against Computer Syndromes.
  • DEREK Garrana


    Yes, people will get retinal detachment, if they use the computer a lot every day. Staring at a computer screen for a long time is likely to cause eye fatigue or visual impairment. What's more, people with High myopia, eye trauma or eye undergone surgery may get peripherally retinal degeneration even hiatus. In serious situation, retinal detachment will happen on them. If there are large areas in the retina detachment, people may develop blindness.
  • garcia


    There exists the possibility. If you use the computer for a long time every day with no rest, you will easily get the high prescription. Thus, the thickness of your retina will be changed. However, the high prescription may cause the retina detachment. And another dangerous cause leading to the retina detachment is serious sports. During the forceful collision, the retinal detachment may happen. Thus, just give your eyes have a rest often and not often use it in front of computers.

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