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Paul Hathone


How can i treat eye allergies without taking drugs?

My eyes got allergies. Is there some natural way to treat my allergies eyes without taking drugs? Help!
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  • Allison leslie


    If you don't want to take medicine, hope the following ways can help you. First, you shall wash your eyes with a lot of clear water. Besides, use a tbsp of honey a day. Intaking honey, it will help you build a tolerance to it. In addition, you can also stinging nettle is a natural antihistamine that can be taken to help relieve seasonal allergies. Hope this helps you.
  • dale


    The eye allergies can be treated without the use of medicines in many ways. One effective way is utilizing artificial tears eye drops to serve the allergies. Or you can use of cold compresses to place on your eyes, such as ice pack wrapped in a soft towel, to place over the closed eyes.
  • walkentall


    If you don't take drugs, there are other ways for you to treat the eye allergies. First of all, you just go to the eyeglasses store to buy the eye drops which may release the allergic symptom effectively. Secondly, you can put the cleaning towel in the refrigerator. Then after a while, you take it out and cover it on your eyes to cool the eyes which may be helpful.

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