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peters Adam


What do the contact lenses usually cost?

I want to wear contacts but my parents don't agree. What should I do to make them convinced? How much would they cost?
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  • Noah hall


    It would vary depending on the brand you get. I used to buy the contacts that cost me about $20 a month. Of course, the optical store may have a discount sometimes. If you see a deal like that then show it to your parents and ask them to let you try them.
  • Samuel hill


    The contact lenses usually cost about $60.00.However, it really depends on the place you go.Different place have different price.You can shop around and chose the cheapest one to buy.
  • everybody_cares


    Go to your doctor.They will tell you how much you will spend according to your vision problems. If you have an astigmatism, then they will cost you more.If you just wear regular contact lenses, then they will be much cheap.

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