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quick Eric 


How many hours of wearing are soft contact lenses good for?

Some people wear contacts all day while other people only wear for few hours. Before I wear my contacts, I want to know how long should I wear my contacts? How many hours of wearing are soft contact lenses good for?
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  • Robert harris


    That just depends on how well you wear them. If your eyes get dry easily, then you should wear them less time, if there is no problem, then you can wear them all day. Some people can only use them for around six hours, while others can have them in for over 24. The type of contacts you have also make a difference.Some can be used for a longer time, and some can be kept less than two months. If you're wearing them only a few hours per day, I think daily lenses would be more convenient and comfortable for you.
  • crazyforluke


    The material of the lens is different, so the amount of time you wear your contacts varies. Single-use disposable soft contacts are made of soft, flexible plastic which you can wear them all day and discard them before you go to bed.Daily wear soft contacts can be worn throughout the day and take them out when you go to bed, but you don't have to discard them and you can reuse them for several weeks.