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lewis Luis


Will the doctor let me get contact lenses if I'm forgetful?

I have my prescription and want colored contacts, my mom already approved of them but i know she will tell the doctor im forgetful which scares me.I am still responsible anyway.
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  • James gary


    As long as you are responsible , which means you can take care of yourself, the doctor will allow you to wear contacts. As you are forgetful , you may forget to wash hands before you wear the contacts or you may forget to take them out when you sleep. It is dangerous to sleep with the contacts on. So if you always forget something, you'd better not get contact lenses. The doctor won't let you wear contact lenses, either.
  • Jessica Stevenson


    if you don't forget to wash your eyes before wearing them ,don't forget to clean the lenses ,the doctor would not give you a hard time.Also you can ask your mother to remind you.