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raphael Jackson


What's the best way to put in contact lenses easily?

I always have trouble putting my contact lenses in but I can take them out easily. Can you tell me some ways to put my contact lenses in easily?
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  • Jose hill


    Put your contact lens on your index finger that is like a bowl shape, then with the other hand pull your eyelid apart. Then stick the contact on your eye. Blink if needed to adjust the position.After that close your eye for a while. Then do the same as the other eye.
  • eclipseracer01


    "Wash your hands first.First.Then put one drop of lens lube into your left eye. Dip your right finger tip into the solution and remove one lens. It will form fit on your finger tip. Gently take it off and turn it over so it 'cups' up on your inner index finger tip. Put ONE drop of lens lube onto the contact lens. While standing, bend over the magnifying mirror.. Take your left hand to your left eye. Hold your lower eye lid down with your middle finger and Hold your upper eye lid upward with your index finger, holding your lashes away from your eye. Relax..deep breath... Slowly bring the lens up to your eye and gently touch it against your eyeball. The moist lens will pop right onto your moist eyeball. Gently close eye to let it set.
  • cabanaboy01


    Place one lens on your right index finger with all edges up.Use left hand to lift your upper eyelid open and right middle finger to hold the lower eyelid. Gently place the lens on your left eyeball while looking into the mirror.Then move your eyeball with eyes open to place the lens in the right position.Finally close your eyes slowly.Do the other lens as the same way.
  • Sonia Utley


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