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rupert Gabriella


Can your eye doctor refuses to write a contact lens prescription?

After I got a complete eye exam, I ask the doctor to give me my prescription of my contact lenses, but he refused to give me.I have heard that some laws have rules that the eye doctors have no right to refuse to give the customer the prescription. What can I do if my doctor refuse to give my prescription?
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  • Thomas jackson


    I don't know the reason why they have such a policy. Maybe different place have different policies. If so, find a different place to see an eye doctor and do not patronize this business any more.If the related law do have some rules that the eye doctor cannot refuse to give you the prescription once your exam is complete, you can accuse him.


    I know that in the US the eye doctor offices have no right to refuse to write the contact lens prescription to the customer.If they do, you can take them into court.

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