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Jordyn carter


Can vitamin b12 deficiency cause dry eyes?

I know that vitamin b12 is good for eyes. I just wonder what will happen if our body lack of vitamin b12. Can vitamin b12 deficiency cause dry eyes?
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  • camzron


    Yes, vitamin b12 deficiency can cause dry eyes. Vitamin b12 is vital for the formation of red blood cells, proper functioning and health of nerve tissue. Vitamin b12 deficiency can lead to anemia, a type of blood disorder, brain damage as well as dry eyes. An autoimmune disease, bowels surgically shortened and B12 deficiency can cause vitamin b12 deficiency. So when you lack of vitamin b12, it is typically treated by vitamin b12, Cyanocobalamin, B12. B-12.
  • Cary Green


    It is true that a lack of vitamin b12 would give rise to a lot of problems with your body, as well as your eye health, such as a decreased vision, yellow eyes, eye twitching, and so forth,including dry eyes. Since vitamin b12 is indispensable to your health, you should get adequate amount of it. Just try to get a balanced diet and try to protect your eyes.
  • Kathleen


    Yes, the vitamin b12 deficiency will cause dry eyes which are the necessary part for the body. The vitamin b12 is really good for eyes which have many advantages for the body health. It can promote red blood cell formation and regeneration. It has the great role of the prevention of anemia which will to some degree make your eyes keep moisture and not dry. In addition, it could also keep the health of the nerves. It could also increase the appetite for the children and help them improve the ability of memory. If your eyes get dry because of the lack of the vitamin B12, you'd better intake this and make your eyes and health improve a lot. The enough amount of the vitamin b12 will make your eyes become moisture and bright. You could also use the eye drops to release your dry eyes.