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What causes fine lines under eyes?

What factors can cause the fine lines under eyes. And can you tell me how to get rid of it?
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  • Faith cook


    Yeah, there are many factors that cause the fine lines under the eyes. One of the main reasons is the growing age. When you get older, the fine lines will come to your eyes part. When you lack the good sleep or have the bad habit of diet, you may also cause such fine lines under eyes. You could use the oil essentials to make your fine lines under the eyes become smooth.
  • Jonathan griffin


    oK, I can see that you are quite annoyed by those fine lines under eyes. Anyway, as a matter of fact, those lines under eyes are resulted from ageing and maybe a lack of attention to your skin, or a lack of water and vitamins, or rest. So, you should make sure all those causes are fixed. Also, I recommend something called retin A, which has been used to making eye cream, and it is quite effective in practice. Just try to look at it .
  • Richard


    Usually it should be caused by collage loss as we aged or the dryness of skin. As we ages, the elastin and collagen of skin start to break down, at the same time, our skin is getting drier than before due to slowing down process of the skin to renew itself. So the skin seems dry, droopy with lines. Wrinkles are the sign of aging, which most women want to get rid of. It is inevitable, yet we could do something to make it coming later and less. The first tips for you is drinking enough water every day, at least 8 cups. Intake enough water to supply the need for water of skin. It is very easy and cheap. The second is good sleeping, which does not cost you a penny, but it could have your skin refreshed. Sleeping is very important to the skin. Go to bed and fall in sound sleep before 11:pm. Apply moisturizer each time after you washed your face. Do massage to your skin, especially the parts with wrinkles, which could effectively help smooth fine lines. Make some home made masks which can be very natural and helpful. Mixture of egg and honey could tighten and nourish your skin and smooth wrinkles. Have a try and insist, you can be surprised.