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What causes nausea after laser eye surgery ?

I feel nausea after laser eye surgery. What causes it?
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  • christy9589


    Well, I have to tell you that your situation may not be related with the eye surgery. So you need to check other factors. As we know that that alcohol or stress are the causes which can lead to it. At that moment, you will feel unease and discomfort in the upper stomach and head with an urge to vomit. And it is a kind of problem which is about the stomach. So there is nothing to do with the surgery. But for the surgery, there are many tips you should pay attention to. For example, you should not watch TV or computer in the first week, and also should be careful when you have shower. Also, eye infection is needed to avoided.
  • Jade scott


    All right, it seems that you had taken laser eye surgery in order to improve your vision. Despite the fact that it is quite effective in terms of regaining our lost vision. But it also brings along some side effects, such as dizzy feelings, watery eyes, painful eyes, or nausea, very terrible. Anyway, it comes from higher eye pressure or you need sometimes to adjust to new vision. But if the problem becomes serious, you should visit a doctor.

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