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Why i have nausea after retina surgery?

I feel nausea after retina surgery. Why? Is this a normal post-surgery symptom?
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  • handril


    Yes, you may have the nausea after the retina surgery. There are many normal post-surgery symptoms because of the reorganization of the DNA in the body. Your eye nerves and brain nerves will be affected too. That is the main reason to cause your nausea. You'd better take great care of your eyes, especially after the surgery. You could not drink or smoke which will stimulate your eye nerves.
  • Jennifer


    Well, it is not normal to have nausea, and I have to say that it is not possible to have it because of prk surgery. First, you should know that nausea is the sensation of unease and discomfort in the upper stomach and head with an urge to vomit. In common, that it is a kind of problem which is about the stomach. So it is not related to prk surgery. You need to go and see the doctor and he may be able to give some exam about it. For the surgery, there is something you need know. For instance, you should eat foods high in beta-carotene, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Generally speaking, alcohol, or stress are the causes which can lead to nausea. So just avoid it.
  • walkerstalker2


    Ok, from what you said, I can see that your problem is resulted from the surgery. It is true that retina surgery would lead to some negative lasting impacts on your health, such as watery eyes, painful eyes, nausea, etc. Anyway, it is normal, at least within some time, but if the problem remains, perhaps you need to get a medical exam to see what happened to your eyes. Sometimes nausea is derived from the increased eye pressure, or some other unknown causes.