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How to remove contact lenses with long fake nails?

I want to wear contact lenses instead of my prescription eyeglasses. But i have fake nails. I know how wear contacts with tools. But how can i remove the contact lenses with my fake nails out of my eyes ?
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  • walkingcaine


    Oh, it is hard to deal with this problems. Maybe, you can also get help from contact lenses remover. First of all, you shall wash your hands and the contact lenses remover and dry it. Then, facing a mirror, use the middle finger of one hand to pull your button eyelid down. The next is using your other hand to hold the remover and take off the lenses. Hope it will work for you.
  • handwithlighter


    If you have fake nail, it is harder to remove contacts than put in contacts. First pay attention to sanitation in order to avoid irritation. You should be very careful to avoid contact between your fake nails, lenses and eyes to prevent the potential of scratching and tearing your lenses and/or eyes. First, wash your hand. Then, hold one hand under the eye and position it to catch the lenses. use your thumb on top of your bottom lashes and lid. Use your forefinger to the center of your top lid. Lightly press your thumb and forefinger at their positions on your lids and blink. Your contact lens will fall into your hand.
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