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What kind of eyeglasses frames are nearly indestructible for kids?

My kid is really naughty. So, I want to buy a pair of indestructible eyeglasses to him. But what are the really indestructible eyeglasses frames?
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  • Bob Witek


    When it comes to kids' glasses, parents should durable glasses frames and lenses in order to make kids' eyes avoid getting hurt. Speaking of indestructible eyeglasses frames, titanium eyeglasses frames belong to the group of indestructible eyeglasses because of their durability and flexibility. It is true that titanium glasses are nearly indestructible. For instance, you can bend them twist them. After that , they still can come to the original shape. Is that great?
  • everybody_cares


    Children are better to use the resin lens. The resin lens has the nature of good light transmitting. School-age children are usually very naughty, curious, so parents had better choose resin lens for them in order to reduce the risk of smashing glasses for the resin lens can bear the high impact and the resin lens is light that is not easy to break even if falling on the ground. What's more, the price of resin lens is not too expensive and almost every parent can afford it. In addition, it is crucial to choose eyeglasses frames that are not easy to be broken. For instance, memory plastic eyeglasses frames and memory metal eyeglasses frames are very flexible and durable, which make them good eyewear choices.
  • Armand


    It is a very big problem that the glasses are easy to be destructed, because it is not only a risk of eye injury but also a waste of money. With the improvement of technology, some special materials are used for glasses to achieve the goal of indestructible glasses. Stainless steel and other memory materials are employed for glasses frame. They both are enough hard and nearly indestructible even under great impact.
  • Guava


    For your child's situation, I can recommend some types of frames to you. Such as Comfort-cable temples frames or Riding bow temples frames. As some persons say, comfort-cable temples hook behind the ear with a flexible metal cable and are good for children's glasses and for sport safety glasses. And I think this type will be suitable for your kid. Then Riding bow temples are just the similar type like comfort-cables, but they are rigid .Also, you should know that Modern eyeglass frames are available in a huge variety of styles, sizes, and materials. Children's and safety frames are now available in materials that are nearly indestructible. New materials and design technology have made frames more lightweight and comfortable. Maybe you should ask a professional person who can help you when selecting a quality frame that looks good and fits well. On the other hand, not only should you care much about the safety of the glasses, but also you can pay more attention to your kid's eyes and the health. It's very important for young.

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