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What are best color sunglasses for asian skin tone?

I have a Chinses friend. And i want to buy a pair of stylish sunglasses to her. So, what are the best colored sunglasses that will match her skin tone?
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  • walkthewalk46


    I think you have cool skin color, dark or brown sunglasses are recommended. At present, these sunglasses are still in style and many people take them as top choices when choosing sunglasses. You can choose oversized dark or brown sunglasses that can help you make a bold fashion statement.
  • Adam peters


    Usually, Chinese people belongs to yellow skin stone. To refresh her look, you can try some bright colored sunglasses such as red sunglasses, rose sunglasses or pink sunglasses. Besides, black sunglasses can also compliment most of Chinese people. If you want to be sure, you can buy black sunglasses to her.