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Jose joyce


Why does Victoria Beckham often wear super oversized sunglasses?

I have never seen Victoria Beckham without sunglasses on? I think she is crazy about sunglasses. Why does she wear sunglasses all the time?
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  • entivore


    Maybe just for cool or cover her face. Anyway, i think the oversized sunglasses are look great on her. It is very cool. Since the big lenses cover her eyes and part pf face, it impress me an mysterious temperament that look noble and beautiful. Besides, wearing sunglasses in summer can also shield eyes from intensive sunshine. So, pick up a pair of black oversized sunglasses if you like it.
  • emily_109


    Because super oversized sunglasses is one of the best value-for-money fashion items, It has become indispensable necessities for a lot of stars.Wearing super oversized sunglasses was noble and can increase the sense of authority.And face looks thinner wearing sun super oversized sunglasses.But because of it is larger and darker, the whole face is easy to appear too pale, you should be sure to avoid dark blush.