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Is rose water good for eye wrinkles?

Can i use rose water to reduce my eye wrinkles? Does it work? Any idea?
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  • Isabelle duncan


    Rose water, as a totally natural way of treatment for eye winkles, is proved to achieve wrinkle-free eyes meanwhile rejuvenates and refreshes your eyes. We all know that rose water is widely in many skin care products. Because the beneficial and essential ingredients of rose water contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties and many other nutritions, which have wonderful effects on tightening skin pores, soothing eye winkles. Besides, rose water is also used to treat inflammation, sun burned skin, eye irritations, dark circles under eyes and many other skin problems. It is not only help reduce eye winkles but also act as a moisturizer and cleanser. If suffer from eye winkles or other skin problems, you can rub a cotton ball soaked in rose water and apply on your skins, then enjoying the amazing effects brought by rose water.
  • Katelyn


    Yes, you can. Rose water is commonly been used in face masks and eye creams. It's been reported that rose water have great function for prevent aging through reducing wrinkles and tightening skin. And it's also been found that rose water is good for soothe the tired eyes and reduce eye wrinkles.
  • david


    Rose water is an exceeding helpful tonic that is widely used to smooth tired, red and the most important of all firmly wrinkled eyes. Lots of researches and experiments proved that pure rose water or any eye gel made from rose water did work in the reduction of eye wrinkles. You can borrow ready-made rose water from cosmetic stores and you can make rose water at home as well. And homemade rose water made from fresh roses is more recommendable. Rose water can be used directly around the eye or help make eye mask as you like. No matter which way rose water is used, it certainly will reduce your eye wrinkles.