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Does hot water help black eyes?

I got a black eyes because of a hit. It is painful. How to release it? Does hot water help me?
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  • Hunter jackson


    Warm compress can't help you in this case. A blow on eyes can make the capillaries beneath skin broken and bleeding. The capillaries are very fragile, we all know that. The force on eyes could easily make them break. The blood congealed beneath will discolor the skin there, in this way bruise is formed. Warm compress will promote blood flow which makes it bleeding more. Right after the hit, you should apply some ice pad to stop the bleeding and pain. Apply this ice pad for 15 minutes each time. After 2-3 days, you can apply some warm compress now to help the blood circulation and reduce the blood stasis. Apply some tender massage around could help too.
  • neva taylor


    You can apply cold compresses over the black eyes or you can wrap an ice with a clean towel, and then put the towel onto your eyes for 20 minutes to help constrict the blood vessels, decrease the accumulation of the fluid and cool the pain. Wish you recover soon.
  • emily_109


    It is really bad for you to get black eyes. You may feel painful. The hot water may quick the blood circulation for you which will help reduce the black eyes. You will feel so comfortable after using hot water. You could also use the warm compress at the eyes which will make you feel more comfortable.