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Can toothpaste get rid of dark circles under eyes ?

I heard that toothpaste can help reduce dark circles under eyes. Is that true? Why or why not?
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  • Jada shelley


    Toothpaste can help people reduce dark circle under eyes. It contains lots of elements which can cure inflammation and infection. Even though it's ways used as the remedy to infection, it can reduce dark circle as well. Dark circle caused by tiredness, poor blood circulation, etc. It happens to see that toothpaste can stimulate blood circulation. You can paste some toothpaste around your eyes, then wash it away 10 minutes later.
  • Thomas keith


    No, it is not true. Although the toothpaste has the role of calming the skin, it will not reduce the dark circles under the eyes which are caused by the lack of good blood circulation or the bad sleep. You should use the oil essentials to reduce the dark circled under eyes to make the skin become smooth and bright.
  • Luis williams


    Yes, it sounds crazy, but it is recommended by some people as remedy of dark circles under eyes. Normally dark circles are caused discoloration from broken capillaries beneath skin under eyes. Toothpaste usually contains oil of ginger and peppermint. Apply a thin layer of the toothpaste under eyes and massage a little could effectively help promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. You can apply some potato or cucumber slices to help too. Some people even recommend hemorrhoid cream as a remedy for dark circles, and it is actually works. There are still some other simple actions you could take right away. Drink a lot of water to moisturize your skin and avoid dehydration. Healthy diet is necessary. Quit smoking if you could. Last but also most important, good sleeping is essential for good skin. Take good sleep and you will find your skin is much better.

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