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Can potatoes get rid of dark circles?

Does potatoes work on reducing dark circles? Is there anyone who has experience of removing dark circles by potatoes?
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  • Brittany green


    Yes, potatoes can work on reducing dark circles. Since potatoes catecholase, which is very helpful for reducing dark circles.What's more, potatoes contain enzymes that help to lighten the skin which can soak up the toxins that cause dark circles and give you clear and fresh eyes. First you need to wash a raw potato under running water to remove any dirt then you can put thin slices of raw potato over your dark circles and do this at least twice or thrice a day,15 minutes each time. Have a try and good luck!
  • cook


    I have no experience of removing dark circles by potatoes, but most of my friends always get rid of dark circles with potatoes, and i can promise that it's quiet effective. Potato has a function of improving the functioning of the optic nerve system, nourishing the retina and eyelid. According to the nutritional analysis, potato contains rich dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Especially of the vitamin A, which is transferred from carotene full contained by potatoes. It will bring you plenty vitamin A your body need, and will relief your symptom obviously for a short time. The way to eat potato is varied, you can directly cook it or make it into a snack food. In addition, you can slice it into slices and put on your eyes for several minutes. Both are helpful.
  • smith


    Yes, potatoes will work on reducing dark circles. Potatoes contain vitamin C which will be so beneficial for the office workers in modern society. It could be the most vulnerable to depression frustrated and upset with negative emotions. In addition, the potatoes can help you to solve the problem of food. It can affect the person's mood because it contains minerals and nutrients in the human body. It can also improve mental state. Potato is all grain crops in most vitamin content. The content of the carrot is equivalent to 2 times Chinese cabbage 3 times 4 times of tomato. Vitamins B is apple's 4 times especially. The potato contains cereal food which does not have carotene and vitamin C. It contains vitamin C which is ten times as many as in the apple. The dark circles are usually caused by the lack of sleep or the bad blood circulation. The moisture role of the vitamin C from the potatoes will reduce the dark circles.