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Brooke peters


What are hairstyles for diamond shaped faces with glasses?

I plan to make a new hair style. And i have a diamond shaped faces. Also i often wear my nearsighted glasses. So, any suggestion? What are the hairstyle will compliment me?
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  • Connor


    You may need curly hair with bangs and middle length. The hair style can decorate your face perfectly, make your face look more smaller and angular. And curly hair with glasses can be the perfect match as well. nerd glasses is pretty popular this year, it can be more beautiful with curly hair. It can make you more fashionable. Think about the stylish look with glasses, that would be so different from dullness looking.
  • Saarah


    For people with a diamond shape face usually have minimize the width of the cheekbone area. And eyeglasses can also add to the attention drawn to this area. To get a good look, you can choose a hair style to combat the diamond shape. You can allow more volume on the upper sides of the head and below the ears. You can also create a wider silhouette of your cheek area by lie your hair close to the sides. Hope this can help you.
  • Jordan


    It looks like you just want to appear much more attractive with a pair of glasses. You know I really appreciate your diamond face for a lot of people lack that. Anyway, in my mind, it would be suitable for you to try some cat eye glasses, which would make you more charming, and you should try some short bob hair so as to stay beautiful and cute. Hope you find this useful, try to look for some actresses with glasses.