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Does anyone know good tips for choosing glasses for oval face?

I am going to buy glasses rather than contacts. I have an oval face shape, a warm skin tone, dark brown eyes and black hair. Can anyone help me find some glasses that will look more cute and fashionable. Can anyone tell me what kind of glasses should I purchase to suit me fine?
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  • walker67


    I suggest you get black as you said it goes with everything. Maybe people tell you that glasses don't look good on you at first but after a few days they will get used to it. I also think the dark red and dark blue are both great. You can try them ,too. As you have oval shaped fase, I think glasses with rectangle shape will look good on you. The best way is go to the store try everything and choose the best.
  • Gabriel leonard


    Since you have the oval face shape, a warm skin tone and dark brown eyes, you are suggested not to choose the glasses with round lenses which will make you look not that fashionable. You could pick the one with square shape. About the color of the glasses, you could choose the black one which will be suitable to match with many colors of the suits.
  • Carlos rodney


    Well, it seems that you have got a beautiful facial structure. So, as you can see oval face is very attractive. And you want to make yourself appear more fashionable and cuter. Anyway, I believe that nerd glasses are suitable for your face and skin tone, hair, especially nerd glasses with orange color. Because they appear to be vivid and energetic. Just try them on before you get them, until you find what is best for you.