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What goggles should I wear for skiing if I wear glasses?

I am going on a trip to a snow mountain, what goggles should I choose to wear if I wear glasses? Is there any goggles special for skiing? Or contacts?
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  • Riley


    Yes, ski goggles are special made for skiiing sports. Wearing the right pair of ski goggles can dramatically improve your day on the mountain, regardless of the type of weather conditions you face. On clear days, goggles can cut the harsh glare caused by the reflection of the sun off of snow and ice, and provide a barrier against dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays. In inclement weather, they can block sleet, snow and biting windsfrom pelting the sensitive eye area of your face and causing you to squint. As a result, goggles significantly improve visibility - a key advantage when you're navigating unfamiliar trails and hurtling down slopes at high speeds. Goggles also offer valuable protection from eye injuries that could result from common skiing hazards, such as coming into contact with a spray of ice crystals or taking even a minor fall.
  • carl


    It is better for one to wear prescription goggles if he wears eyeglasses.Prescription goggles allow people who need vision correction to safely perform acts, otherwise eye injuries may happen. Before invention of the prescription goggle, people must wear regular correction eyeglasses or contacts and goggles at the same time to achieve both the above purposes. Prescription sports goggles just offer more convenient and effective solution. In addition, prescription goggles sharpen much of the clarity that can be lost between two separate lenses.