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What do people do with old models of clear eyeglasses?

If a certain pair of glasses haven't been sold for a long time, what will the people do with thses old models of clear eyeglasses? Will they throw them away, save them?well or sell them again?
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  • ezycome_ezygo


    Actually, when an optical store sells well, there are very few old frames around. If the old frames don't sell well, then they will be sold to another store where they may sell better. Eventually, even the suppliers end up with an over stock of frames that don't sell well,then they are picked up by the cheap discount optical places.
  • Kevin�� lee


    If the old models of clear glasses haven't been sold for a long time, the sellers usually take measures to deal with them.They may devide it into the discount area where people who want to buy cheap glasses might get them.Sometimes they might return the glasses to the manufacturer.

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