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Ariana oliver


Can high blood pressure cause subconjunctival hemorrhage?

I have high blood pressure. My son told me that be careful or it may cause subconjunctival hemorrhage. Is that true?
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  • crystaljade


    Well, subconjunctival hemorrhage, or a broken blood vessel in the eye, which is caused by a strong of coughing, sneezing, eye dry, eye strain or an eye injury. However, high blood pressure cannot cause subconjunctival hemorrhage. Subconjunctival hemorrhage may occur for a number of factors, the symptoms remain the same. Firstly, a bright red area in the eye. It's the most common sign of a broken blood vessel. Secondly, the surface of the eye will feel scratchy.
  • Sig


    Yes, those who have high blood pressure or diabetes mellitus are liable to suffer subconjunctival hemorrhage because high blood pressure could aggravate the pathological changes of fundus blood vessel, increasing the possibility of subconjunctival hemorrhage. You should go to the hospital for an eye examination on schedule and control your blood pressure actively. First of all, you need to control the intake of the amount of energy. I advocate taking compound saccharides such as starch, maize, do not take much monosaccharide such as amylaceum, fructopyranose and saccharose, which could raise the blood fat. Secondly, control the intake of the amount of the fat. Cook food with plant oil and eat more marine fish with unsaturated fatty acid. Thirdly, ingest appropriate amount of protein. One gram of protein a day is agreeable. Fourthly, take more food with rich calcium and potassium but low sodium, such as potatoes, eggplants, sea-tangle, asparagus lettuce, milk, yoghurt, and dried small shrimps. Eat less broth. Fifthly, restrict the ingest of salt. Sixthly, take more fresh vegetables and fruits. Wish you healthy.

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