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Melissa duncan


Why does my eyes swell when i cry ?

I got swelling eyes after cry. Is this normal? Anyway, can you tell me how to reduce the swelling look of eyes?
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  • Jack percy


    If you cry a lot, your eyes may be swelling which will be not comfortable. Your tears gland system will work in disorder. That is the reason to cause your swelling eyes which will look not that good. You should use the warm compress by finding the clean cloth and hot water to release the symptom of swelling eyes. You could have a try.
  • DOUGLAS Fritch


    Yes, it is normal to have puffy eyes after crying due to an adrenalin rush, which always occur in case of happiness, sadness, touching, or fear. It leads to twitch of your face muscles, constriction of your throat and redness and swelling of your eyes. What is more, you can try to apply a wash cloth filling with ice water to your eyes. Besides, cotton balls saturated with the milk can immensely help and bright your skin around the eyes. Further, what I used to eliminate the puffy and swelling eyes is to put slices of a potato or cucumber from vegetable crisper drawer. Well, it actually works. By the way, my sister says that the use of a ice-cold tea bags is great. Well, you can just have a try. Along with the methods above, you can also massage your eyes gently.
  • William clive


    We all know that after crying our eyes can be swelling. But why? Because Tears contains tannic acid which can stimulate our eyes (or more specifically, eyelid ). Crying not also can increase intraocular pressure, but also cause eye discomfort. Tears are salty. So sometimes we eat too salty vegetable can also cause eye puffiness.

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