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Can hair dye cause itchy eyes ?

Is it possible to cause itchy eyes because of hair dye? Why? If so, How can i stop the itchy eyes?
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  • Bernadette Korey


    Yes, it is possible for you to get itchy eyes because of hair dye in which the materials are stimulating at the hair root. Your eyes will get affection too. You need to use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to make your eyes get comfortable and moisture. You could also find the hot water and clean cloth to make your eyes feel comfortable. Your itchy eyes will be released to some degree.
  • eden540


    Yes, it does. As we all know, the hair dye definitely has a lot of potential health risks. According to many reports, hair dye may contain lentine which helps to make the hair more shiny and natural, while increse the risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. So there is no doubt that it is high in harmful chemicals. Our eyes need special protection for fear of the spill of the dye and our artificial hair need some extra treatments to clean up hair dye residue. Once it enters our eyes and causes some eye problems, you need to keep rinsing your eyes avoiding conjunctivitis and other eye infections caused by the chemicals residue. And apply some cold bags to your eyes to relief itchy sensation before you go to see your doctor.
  • Jade james


    If you get some hair dye in eyes by accident, eye infection may occur easily. Hair dye are made into thousands of chemicals and often they are in poor quality. When you feel itching in eyes, no any rubbing in eyes. Just blink eyes and drink some water. Also drop some artifical tears can keep eye moisten and reduce pain in eyes.

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