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Jocelyn david


Is there a cure for thyroid eye disease?

I suffered from thyroid eye disease. What shall i do? Is there a cure for thyroid eye disease?
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  • eisenstiefel


    Yes, you can. You must have it cured before it is too late. When the muscles around your eyes have been damaged and caused bulging eyes, you can only remove the bulging look by surgery. Before the thyroid eye disease protrude your eyes, you need to receive treatment. Treatment for thyroid eye disease: 1.Adjust the hermon level in thyroid gland with medicine. 2.Quit smoking or drinking 3.Avoid eye strain or exposure to strong light 4.Sleep with thick pillow. 5.Apply ointments or eyedrops to protect the cornea.
  • Jaime


    The muscles and soft tissues within the eye socket to swell can be caused by thyroid eye disease. Take easy. Thyroid eye disease can be cured indeed. Artificial tears can help with lightly thyroid eye disease. Also, you may need immunosuppressive drugs during its progresses. Decompression surgery also can relieve your disorder.
  • Vanessa


    Once you get the thyroid eye disease, you need to use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to help you make the bacterium which is invisible in the eyes out of the eyes. You could also use the warm compress every day. You should use the clean cloth and hot water to do the warm compress. It will be so helpful and workable. You could have a try.